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Packages start from just $4.9 a month

Get started now in a few easy steps!

Packages start from just $4.9 a month

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Unlimited access

Tune in! Get your local context materials even if you are far way from home, enjoy visiting sites from abroad as if you are at home.

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Cross-device compatibility

Almost any device can be set up with our service. It works for computers, tablets, phones, game consoles, TVs, blu-ray players.

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Fast streaming

Сomparing to regular VPN services, it doesn't slow down your browsing and allows you to enjoy the full speed of your connection.

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How it works?

There’s a lot of great and popular streaming website which provide new and popular video\audio content like TV shows, music, radio, movies, games. Of course you’ve heard of them, probably the most popular are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu, Pandora.

But as always, there’s one little trick – you won’t be able to enjoy those services if you are outside of US or UK. Sad.

But don’t get too sad, we have good news – a solution to bypass all these limitations. You will be able to use any of those and lots of other media services as long as any other website, like social network or gaming service, blocked in your country.

It’s easy, affordable and fast. It’s TrickDNS.


Пользуюсь с дня запуска. Сперва сильно тупил как настроить всё на моём маке, но потом допёр и почитал манулы на сайте))) Работает как часы, никаких лагов и еще каких проблем. Цена устраивает. Есть русскоязычная поддержка, что тоже немаловажно. Короче, я доволен.

Лёша М., from Belarus. on November 25, 2013.

I use trick DNS for times when I travel to other countries where I can't access certain services, because they block almost all other countries except US\UK\AU. I migrated to TrickDNS from another service and now can say that I'm not disappointed. Maybe the only thing TrickDNS lacks is ability to pause your account without losing money, but it's good even without it.

John T., from Russian Federation. on November 18, 2013.

good quality! good prices. will use.

Naki P., from China. on November 12, 2013.

Netflix is so much better than venezuelan tv)) i signed up to trickdns bacause of low prices, but now i'm here because of good quality.

Santiago C., from Venezuela. on November 09, 2013.

For me, it's the best DNS service out there for such price. And much fasted than torrents in my country.

Enrique S., from Ecuador. on November 05, 2013.

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